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The Women Veterans Unity Group

The Women Veterans Unity Group (WVUG)

Strengthening the Female Military Veteran Communities……


Mission Statement: Provide a continuum of resources to the female veteran community whether disabled, distressed, despondent, helpless, hopeless, and or homeless.


Purpose:To reach all California Female Military/Veterans with various assistance, benefits and entitlements, referrals, membership opportunities, and educational awareness by attending and or facilitating California events, conferences, workshops, seminars, educational events, groups etc., and anything associated with female veterans including other state programs (as needed) to improve the Women Veterans Unity Group effectiveness of gender-specific issues.  Provide and promote The Women Veterans Unity Group organization services.


Vision: To be the world’s best provider in high quality and high standards of integrated comprehensive supportive services tailored specifically to the needs of women veteran. Provide and or assist with appropriate referrals to VA, county, state, community agencies, service providers for case management, education, crisis intervention, counseling, services targeted towards specialized gender-specific for our homeless women Veterans. Empower and enhance the wellness of women who have served and are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces.


The Women Veterans Unity Group 501(c) 3 supportive services organization wants to assure that women veterans receive benefits and services as our male counterparts, without encountering discrimination in their access to care. We believe that woman veteran should be treated with the respect, dignity, and understanding by VA service providers, community service providers, organization service providers and anyone that provides services to the women veteran communities. The Women Veterans Unity Group is responsible for the development of local, state and national collaborative, partnerships, programs, and coalitions among organizations to strengthen the links and close the gaps for gender-specific services.

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