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The Women of Awesomeness Convention

Organized by Exquisite Enterprises Inc., 10 Days of Women was created to unite women as a whole, to educate them, celebrate them, and empower them.

"Charleston is a city that ranks way to high on the totem pole when it comes to issues that effect women greatly, such as sexual assault, domestic violence, the list just goes on! I started this because I wanted to have a discussion about all of this. Bring awareness to these issues, and break down the barriers and boundaries that women place in between each other. We all need to rally around each other and love on one another." - Kimberly Bowman, Owner of Exquisite Enterprises Inc.

Each day has a theme, or topic, that we focus on and we organize events on that day based around that topic. Each event is unique in its own way and developed with the hopes of making a difference in our communities, changing the dynamics amongst women, and inspiring generations that follow.

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