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The Winchendon School

Welcome to a school like no other.  Welcome to The Winchendon School.
Sure, we are a boarding school like many of our peers – with passionate faculty, great facilities, rigorous and interesting programs, and wonderful inclusive communities.  However, the similarities end there.
At Winchendon, you will find some of the most ground-breaking and engaging programs, based on some of the most contemporary brain science, all informed by the experience gained over 90 years of working with high school students:
  • You will immerse yourself in groundbreaking programs including Global Dynamics, ColLABs, and our school-wide Service Learning Initiative --- and students will tell you how much more they like learning when they are working on topics they can connect with.
  • You will work with teachers who are committed to supporting each student in capitalizing on his or her distinct learning style – and students will tell you how this has made a difference in helping them be more successful.
  • You will benefit from “micro classes,” which for 9th through 11th graders means average class sizes of 8 or fewer --- and students will talk about how well their teachers know them in each class and how they gained confidence in these micro-classes.  (Some classes for seniors are larger to ensure that students are well prepared for college.)
In addition, you will find kids doing much more “learning by doing,” rather than old-fashioned lectures or by being expected to learn just by reading.   Winchendon students are tackling contemporary global issues in Global Dynamics one day and trying to solve a local problem in our own region the next.  They are working as teams to start a real business, build robots, and understand financial markets.  They are being given the time to pursue their own passions in photography, language, anthropology and music theory, and are they experiencing potential careers through a wide range of internships.  Winchendon students are learning important skills while exploring fields that they are interested in and having some fun as well.   
We hope that this site will provide you with current information on how Winchendon students are having a better learning experience.  Come meet our people and expereience what it is going on our campus.

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