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The Voices Project

In a generation where people of color are systematically marginalized and discriminated against, there is a need for a voice to advocate for effective change. This voice must come from a leader who understands from experience, the plight of communities of color and seeks to channel that understanding to make lasting change. This nation lacks a space created by and for these leaders of color to gather for encouragement, meaningful dialogue and exchange of  ideas. The Voices Project is a leadership development organization that elevates the point of view of leaders of color, individually and collaboratively, to ensure culture shifts in a way that benefits communities of color.


Conference Experience


The Voices Conference experience is created by leaders of color for leaders of color. We acknowledge that many leaders of color work alone in majority culture organizations and consequently feel a burden to represent their ethnic people group. Additionally, these leaders are responsible for shifting unhealthy perceptions of their culture. Though tired, they are hopeful that their vision for their community can still be realized. Therefore, intentional effort has been made to create a safe space for leaders of color to be known as their authentic self and collaborate with other cultural influencers.

Plenary speakers are have a track record of leading from their experience for the benefit of communities of color. Labs are facilitated to generate conversation and collaboration from participants and will represent each domain of cultural influence (arts, business, church, education, entertainment/media and politics). Relaxed scheduling is structured to promote rest and acknowledge the unique communal culture native to our communities. Intentional time is set aside for connecting with other leaders, relaxation and fun.



The Voices Conference is committed to institutional impact, therefore the target audience for our conference is people with power and influence who identify as leaders in their respective field. We expect hundreds of intergenerational leaders from around the country who influence culture as artists, authors, business leaders, educators, entertainers, pastors and politicians.



The Voices Project will have its inaugural conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania because it is a city where a former slave created the first denomination that valued and embraced the culture of African Americans. The story of the AME church, a true highlight in Philly history, shaped our nation and embodies what we hope to accomplish with our conference. We desire to use Philly as a launching ground for developing leaders who will make impact that lasts for generations and benefits their culture of origin as well the world.



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