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The Usual Suspectz

THE USUAL SUSPECTZ are a catalyst for the type of quality events that Grown Folks desire. We provide entertainment-related services ranging from marketing and promotions to event planning. Our events are primarily in the DC Metropolitan area, but you might see us anywhere Grown Folks mingle. Our events provide an opportunity to network or just lounge with an eclectic flair. For instance, you may find yourself interacting with or being entertained by major or local recording artists, actors from a hit TV series, radio personalities, filmmakers, poets, artists, photographers, etc. You might even get to hear the album of one of your favorite artists - a couple of weeks before it is available in stores. You may dance to a song played by one of the best DJs you've ever heard that reminds you of a special moment in your life -- before you were Grown Folks. You may also find civic-minded organizations and small businesses educating you about the services that they provide and how you can get involved. When planning your private event, we can help you enlist the services of local artists, DJs, caterers, all to your style and taste. We can also help enhance your business or organizational profile by facilitating networking opportunities at events sponsored by The Usual Suspectz. And that's just the beginning.

To be Young, Gifted, and Mature. We are Grown Folks. We have not quite morphed into our parents, but we are not trying to socialize with our little sister or brother in college. We are Grown Folks.  We appreciate a person's physical appearance, inner-being, and intelligence. We can get our "groove on" by eating an exquisite meal with great company or dancing the night away. Grown Folks. Sometimes it is not easy for Grown Folks to find each other or the type of environment they would prefer to be in. That is until THE USUAL SUSPECTZ arrived on the scene

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