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The US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution and Meridian Institute

US Insitute for Environmental Conflict Resolution

Congress established the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution in 1998. The U.S. Institute's mission is to help resolve environmental disputes that involve the federal government, by providing mediation, training and related services.

Included within the term "environmental" disputes are conflicts related to the environment, public lands and natural resources. Congress also directed the U.S. Institute to work to further the implementation of our National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) by providing negotiation, mediation, and other settlement efforts as alternatives to litigation.

Congress placed the U.S. Institute within the Udall Foundation. The Foundation is an independent federal agency based in Tucson, Arizona. As a result, the U.S. Institute is part of the federal government - but it is completely independent of all other federal agencies. Congressional sponsors of the legislation creating the Institute thought it was appropriate for it to be part of the Udall Foundation, as Sen. John McCain said, because Morris Udall's career "was distinguished by his integrity, service and commitment to consensus-building."

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Meridian Institute

Meridian Institute helps decision makers and diverse stakeholders solve some of society's most contentious public policy issues. Meridian's professional mediators offer:

  • Expert process design and facilitation;
  • Understanding of and experience with policy development and implementation;
  • Ongoing working relationships with diverse stakeholders; and 
  • In-depth substantive understanding of issues associated with the integration of environmental, economic and social priorities.

Above all, Meridian stands for impartiality, integrity, inclusiveness and respect for differences. We bring these values to processes that connect people to solve problems and make informed decisions in three major areas: Multi-Party Problem Solving, Strategy Assessment and Planning, and Leadership in the Theory and Practice of Collaboration.

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