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The Spaniak Team - eXp Realty
Our real estate clients are smart, detail-oriented buyers and sellers that want to be guided through the home-selling and buying process. They want to believe they can trust us and our opinions. Our clients want to make their own decisions, but they want our input as consultants - not as salespeople.
In general, most people find us because they are researching all of their options and have asked friends and family for recommendations. In addition, they have done extensive research online to find the best and most experienced agents.
Many times sellers and buyers don't know where to start when choosing a Realtor or how to choose a Realtor because they don't know who to trust. They are afraid they are 'being sold' or making the wrong decision. They don't necessarily believe what a Realtor is saying or if he or she is telling the truth. Real estate agents should be consultants, but in reality, they are salespeople.
It has been found that real estate agents are among the least trustworthy professionals in American consumers’ minds according to a study created by Purplebricks. In fact, only 11% of people believe that a real estate agent can be fully trusted.
What is often the case is that sellers and buyers use family members or close friends who are real estate agents because they simply don't know of any experts whom they can trust. However, while they might be close friends, or even family, that doesn't mean the agents are experienced in selling real estate. 
Frequently it happens that these agents are part-time agents who sell only one or two homes a year. These sellers aren't informed enough to be aware of the ramifications and potential consequences if their inexperienced friends or relatives provide them with wrong advice. And unfortunately, that advice could cost them tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars. 
Sometimes, sellers who don't choose us to sell their home find they can’t sleep at night because they are nervous because their house hasn’t sold. They are scared because either they have moved out of the house or they have already bought another home and can’t carry two mortgages.  
Those sellers believed their real estate agent when he or she told them an original list price, and now they realize they were conned. They feel angry, upset and scared. They wish they would have not have agreed to a contract that couldn't be cancelled. 
The longer a home is on the market, the lower the sales price will likely be, and the fewer the offers sellers will receive. Sometimes real estate agents will 'buy the listing' and give a higher list price for a home in order to secure the listing. These agents think that they will entice clients with a high listing price. Then, they will continue to ask the sellers for price reductions. Sellers end up feeling trapped because they are in a listing agreement that they cannot cancel.
When we approach a potential client, we offer them complete honesty from the beginning. We don't just tell people 'what they want to hear.' and we don't sugarcoat things. We provide people with compassion and care, while explaining the realities of the situations they are facing, and of the marketplace as it relates to their home.
We tell our potential clients up-front that when they sign a listing or a buyer agreement, it can be cancelled at anytime without any fees if they are happy with our service. No fees. No asterisks. No questions.
We work as a team with our sellers and buyers. We consider ourselves to be real estate consultants rather than real estate salespeople. We give honest and truthful advice and never 'buy a listing' by quoting an unrealistic sales price. Our commitment to honesty means that we will be 100% transparent with clients at all times, even if it is less than pleasant news or information we have to share.
What makes us different is that most real estate agents will keep their buyers and sellers in their contracts and continue to ask for price reductions. These agents know that sellers are stuck and only have one choice because they can't cancel their contracts with their agents. We never do that, because we don't believe in it. We want to work with people who want to work with us, and, that means there has to be trust. Forcing clients to stay in a contract does not foster a sense of trust. So, we don't make anyone 'stay' in a contract if they don't feel comfortable doing so.
We also provide four numbers for our sellers:
 Appraisal value of the home
 Market value of the home
 Recommended list price of the home
 The price if you needed to SELL right now
Most agents won't tell their clients what the 'price to sell now' is because they are afraid to have any type of confrontation or feel uncomfortable. They want to get the listing... they don't want to offend their potential clients, so therefore, they don't give them the honest information about what their houses are worth. We don't do that.
We know how to sell homes. We understand what our buyers and sellers are looking for in an agent and we work to make sure they are satisfied. We are in the top .0018% of real estate agents in the Chicagoland area. In 2018, we sold almost 100 homes. 
Since 2012, we have sold over 300 homes for over $200 million in volume. We are ranked as one of the top 50 teams in the Chicagoland area and we are consistently ranked as the number one team in Northbrook. 
We provide a solution to our clients by offering them systems, processes, and a high level of customer service. Each person on our team has their own job that they excel at and are a perfect fit for. 
When we take a listing, we will immediately start to get the marketing in gear. Our sellers will receive a call from our Listing and Marketing Manager discussing the staging, timing, and photography. We start planning our public and private open houses. We place a sign in their yards with a direct line to all of our buyer agents. In addition, we will reach out to every agent that shows a seller's home at least five times to gather feedback.
The benefits of our solution are that we communicate at a high level, and clients will know where they are with us. We will reach out proactively to them to discuss our marketing and the activities we are doing to promote their homes. In addition, our full-time Runner makes stops at sellers' homes for customer service calls to make sure our empty houses look good and that they are secured if our sellers are out of town.
Each seller is given the resources of our Client Concierge. Our Client Concierge is there to engage with our clients and to be an advocate for them throughout the sales process, and, in conjunction with the rest of the Team makes for seamless and smooth transactions for our clients.
Our clients generally have three other options when choosing an agent:
 Using a friend who is an agent that might be trustworthy, but doesn't give honest advice or feedback because he or she either doesn't know, or doesn't want to ruin the friendship.
 Using an agent that is very successful but doesn’t have time to give quality customer service because he or she doesn't have a team to support him or her. 
 Using a part-time agent who can't give their clients experienced information or provide customer service full-time.
Once in a while, sellers choose to not work with us. In one specific instance, we were brought in to provide an estimated sales price for a home. The sellers also asked two other agents. We were extremely honest about the recommended list price and sales price for the home.
We suggested a list price of $599,000. We said that a 'test' price should be $649,000. We had many reasons and facts to support our rationale. Our philosophy was that the 'price to sell now' was $599,000. Our recommended list price was $649,000 and see what the market told us.
The sellers were offended and upset. When the listing went live with another agent, it was listed for $769,000. That was over $150,000 higher than the "price to sell now" we recommended.
After that listing expired six months later, they chose another agent who priced the home at $699,000... $100,000 over the "price to sell now."
Finally, one full year after the house was listed, the price was reduced to $599,000... the "price to sell now" number we had recommended initially.
Having a house on the market for over a year would be painful for anyone. The sellers had to carry the house for 16 months and take tens of thousands of dollars in losses all because they 'believed' one agent over another.
We promise that our clients will receive complete honesty and advice based upon our collective experience. We will not put anyone into a listing agreement they can't get out of. We will not give our sellers a list price that we think is too high. And, if, by chance, we do make a mistake and overprice a house, we will tell our clients immediately so that they can make adjustments (or fire us if they want).
We guarantee complete honesty. We guarantee that we will give our clients the respect, honesty, and compassion that they deserve. If at anytime clients feel as though we are not earning their business every day, they can cancel their contracts with us.
 No fees
 No asterisks
 No questions
It’s important to make sure that we talk sooner rather than later as the time of year one lists their home is incredibly important. Timing impacts how much money sellers can get for their homes and how long it will take to achieve the desired outcome.
Some frequently asked questions are:
 Where is your office located? Our team works out of an office in downtown Northbrook.  
 Will I ever be able to talk to Kati, or is she too busy? Because we have a business office phone number, our phones are answered all week by our team. That means that Kati has time to directly connect with you about your home on her cell phone frequently. 
 What are buyers' agents? We have agents on our team that only work with buyers. They do not work with listings. Therefore, they know our listings and work to sell our listings to buyers they are working with. 
 Will you reduce your commission? Yes.
 Will you host open houses? Yes. We believe that open houses are important for the young buyers nowadays. 
 Can I cancel my contract with you at anytime? Yep. Anytime. 
When clients work with the Spaniak Team, we only want their success. We put our clients above our commissions. We work hard to be better every day, for both ourselves and our clients. Honesty, integrity, and doing what is right is what guides us to lead our clients through the next transition in their lives. We look forward to crossing paths!
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