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The Sisterhood

Mission: To create a strong network of mentors for female mentees from every walk of life to assist them in realizing and operating in their life’s purpose. Our target age groups are 12-19 and 20-35 (young ladies only). Our view is there is a benefit from having a mentor at every age and stage in life.

Vision: Our vision is to spread this movement globally, while having and providing a multitude of various resources to assist mentees in selecting a viable career path, cultivating entrepreneurship, enriching and expanding educational experiences, refining self-perception, and becoming strong leaders in their community and eventually the world.

Through empowering events, The Sisterhood will reiterate the need for mentors and introduce mentees to new ideas regarding their future careers and endeavors. The events will create a platform that will provide a natural environment for mentees to meet prospective mentors.The ultimate idea is to encourgae mentees to get started on their future NOW!

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