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Frank P. Swartwout    The Shire is a 90 acre plantation in Pahoa, Hawaii.  The Shire farm has been host to numerous non-profitgatherings, and up to 650 participants for three 4 day Rebirth events organized by Ka Pilina, the regional affiliate of Burning Man.  

The Shire's mission includes fostering a rennaissance of positive agrarian culture and values as a foundation of sustainable family and community life.  The Shire hosts private events such as weddings, and agricultural events such as this one, on the 20 acre portion of the property that is being restored as a working farm after 60 years fallow following the decline of local sugar cane monoculture.  

The Shire promotes concepts of sustainable and regenerative agriculture, rotational and permanent polyculture practices. The Shire also seeks to foster reconnection and communion of producer and consumer, healing the commercial separation and spiritual isolation of modern materialist capitalism.  Participation for the benefit of experiential learning, and distributism, for the benefit of justice and unity within the community are among our deeply held values.  With the help of the broader non-

Brothers Frank & Glen

residential community of neighbors and visitors we are here to serve, we intend to be a resource center for healingthe land and its people, the Makaainana.  

Our membership organization is the Makamaka, which means those who see eye to eye, and are accustomed to giving to each other.  The first level of membership in the Makamaka is free by invitation.  With the exception of approved vendors, it is the intention of The Shire that participants explore a sacred gifting and sharing economy while here, without restricting the possibility of mutual gifting that in other contexts might be conceived as barter.  Welcome home...  Say "Friend!" and enter.

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