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The Sales Training Specialist, Larry Cockerel

The Sales Training Academy for Professionals

The place where professionals come to grow in their sales, comminucation and leadership skills. These three ingredients all mixed up together and to develop a high achieving sales professional, this is something you want for yourself or your sales people right?

At the sales workshops you and or your people can grow in "The 6 Key Areas Every Sales Person Faces"

  1. Communication
  2. Prospecting and Time Management
  3. Asking the right questions for reater results
  4. Developing Your Q2C Ratio (Quote to Cose)
  5. Social Media, the Unconventional Sales Strategies
  6. Building Your Sales & Referral Pipeline

Unconventional Sales Strategies: Colliding Traditional Tecnhiques and Social Media Strategies for Greater Results

Sales Coaching: Developing the Roadmap for Greater Returns on Time, Effort and Engery

High Achieving Sales People Ask Great Questions: Develop your skill on communiation with asking great questions that uncover your opportunities for faster results

Hello my name is Larry and I work with people and organizations helpng them increase their potential and results.

Ask about the 6 week sales workshop, 120 minutes a week that can hlp your sales people develop stronger skills, abilities and results!

Contact me at: 414.531.7859 or email at: anytime!



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