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The R.O.S.A. Method

Rosa Alejandra is a Confidence & Sensuality Coach with a deep rooted passion to help YOU live a happier and more assertive life by teaching YOU to reconnect with YOURSELF.

Rosa Alejandra is just like you; a woman who's had her ups and downs (many more downs than ups). Her rock bottom point came about six years ago when she unfortunately lost her health, her son moved out of the country, and her business had to close all in the same month. The feeling of "loss" led her to disconnect from life and from herself so hard that it took her four years to realize that she no longer knew who she was or why she existed; but her lowest point was realizing that she couldn't find a reason to care.  

After many prayful nights a little voice in her head reminded her she was born a BADASS, and that if she was granted a new day her job was to make it a damn good one. Finally she shook it off, took a shower, and started healing herself (again). She had all the tools; she knew exactly what to do since her healing journey actually begun back in 2003 when she had other deamons to face. Rosa Alejandra has studied under people like Tony Robbins, John Maxell, Lisa Nicolsl, and Louise Hay just to name some of her favorite teachers and gurus. She also emereged herself into books and podcasts that would keep her on track since she really didn't have an enviroment that supported her path to healing. The lack of support didn't stop her; she decided to create the space that she needed in order to conquer! She knows what is like to feel lost and alone; a feeling that she wishes on no one, which is exactly why she became a Life & Business Coach. 

Rosa Alejandra is the founder of "The R.O.S.A. Method" a four step program that promises to help Women Rise, Overcome, Soar, and Achieve!

"Sensualidad Intensive" & "Reflect wih Confidence" are her signature programs which are offered both virtually and in-person.

And last but not least: Her most complete transformaional course which she proudly calls -->> "The Badass Incubator" (re-opening it's doors in 2018)

"It is not what happens to us that makes us suffer; it is the disconnect from our own selves that leaves us empty, misserable, and broken" ~ Rosa Alejandra 

Rosa Alejandra vows to help you reclaim your life and become UNTOPPABLE!

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