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The Rooted Hook


I’m Nicole.

I am your beauty, fitness, and nutrition transformation obsessive. That’s right, I welcome change; in fact, I crave it! I believe that our best self is discovered when we extend our hook and allow ourselves to evolve. So why not start working in the three areas of life that make us feel amazing and look fantastic? Fitness. Beauty. Nutrition.

After attending East Carolina University, I started my career working for an international food corporation. I was placed in charge of implementing management systems where I quickly identified my strength for leading behavioral change. I earned the title of Change Management, Communication and Education Leader (a mouth full, I know) for Fortune 500 Companies, and I became a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on communicating and educating large audiences on implementing effective change. I’ve tapped into this skill set generously as my interests and passions have migrated from the corporate setting to the fitness and spa communities.

As an Independent Fitness Consultant and a licensed Esthetician, I explored the world of fitness, beauty, and nutrition. I uncovered vast amounts of information, philosophies, products, services, and ‘titans’ who inspire me. I used my change management skills and applied my new discoveries to my own life. Boy did I experience monumental personal growth and development?! To my amazement, my discoveries, these ‘gems’ of information, had not yet been fully exposed in the Hampton Roads area. With this revelation, I identified the value of my personal contribution and I arrived at my AH HA moment.

With great pleasure and excitement, I created The Rooted Hook (TRH). TRH is a platform to share, introduce, and educate the modern individual (YOU) on practical ways to improve your life in the areas of fitness, beauty, and nutrition. It is important to note that I do not claim to be the expert in any of these areas. Like you, I’m a student in this game. My intention is to showcase and connect you with the very best concepts and allow you the opportunity to embrace those transformations that make you healthy, happy, and beautiful.

My #truths: 
- I live in Hampton Roads, Virginia with my husband and two beautiful children.
- I am ½ American, ½ Panamanian. I have dual citizenship and speak Spanish and English.
- I have a couple of breakdancing moves that I pull out in moments of desperation.
- I am inspired and fascinated by Tim Ferris and Coco Chanel.
- My biggest turn off is negativity.
- I am extremely patriotic and I have a great love for this country.
- My circle is amazing and my support system is super-sound. My loyalty to them is stronger than iron.



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