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The Rise of The Artrepreneur™

The Rise of The Artrepreneur™ is the house brand to The Rise of The Artrepreneur™ Presents: Unleash the Beast™ art series, and The Rise of The Artrepreneur™ web series.

We envision a world where desire-driven people are, well, happier. Our mission is to advance global creative economy by improving millennial mental health over the next 10 years. In service of this mission, we focus our efforts and operations on two areas: awareness and entrepreneurship.

Mastering the art of awareness is what mobilizes and empowers young entrepreneurs to embrace success in the present moment, rather than in an ongoing pursuit of the imaginary future, affirming a sense of happiness and fulfillment in the here and now.

Awareness fosters self-compassion, mindfulness, resilience and human connectedness, all of which make Millennials better equipped as producers in today’s economy, and more importantly, as people and pupils of life.

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