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The Real Estate Center at DePaul University

To earn the 5% Career Preparedness credit, a student will need to complete one or more events. Event credits vary by event and are listed below. Event credits will not double count between classes, so in order to receive 5% credit in two classes’ students will need at least 6 event credits.

The events credits count as follows:

1 Event = 1%

2 Events = 3%

3 Events = 5%

Steps to receive credit:

  1. Sign up and Registration: You must register with the host organization to attend all events, which you must do at least 48 hours in advance as a professional courtesy. You must also cancel in a timely manner if you unable to attend.
  2. Proof of attendance: All students must have an event representative sign the passport form available through D2L. Return the forms to the department of real estate.
  3. Evaluation: At the end of the quarter, the Department of Real Estate will send an evaluation form which must be completed by the date noted.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Olinda Rios at 312-362-5905

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