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The People Are Present

Co-creativity and brainstorming skills are greatly on the rise, as are relationship building and teamwork skills.  Today we see a corporate shift from a ‘command-and-control’ organisaton, to a more fluid and collaborative style. 

Agile thinking is vital.  Breath work, attention, presence and form instil the premium ground-breaking thinking and communication needed in our networked corporate world, as relationships are becoming more dispersed and more complex. 

The next generation of leaders will need to communicate and connect with these networks and build consensus and collaboration with network partners at an effective pace.

The People Are Present are building the thinking for the workforce of the future.

The People Are Present™ understands that managing environmental and social performance is a critical element to an organisation’s ability to operate effectively.  We are therefore committed to placing social responsibility at the heart of our business ethics and using the guidance outlined with the international (Social Responsibility) Standard ISO 26000 to help us to do this effectively.

Our socially responsible business ethics help guide our policies and practices and include accountability, transparency, ethical behaviour, and respect for the rule of law, the international norms of behaviour and for human rights.  We are committed to upholding our position as a leader within our industry and creating an environment where the principles of corporate social responsibility are understood, embraced and practiced.

Picture: Founder Michelle Pilkington

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