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The Parole Advocates

An unknown fact is that hundreds of provisions that can allow inmates to get out earlier go by unused daily. These are the provisions that could get you out earlier by reducing your serving time. Thousands of inmates do extra months or years without even knowing it. Parole Advocacy has been successful at finding hundreds of cases of inmates who have not received credit for time served in county jail, who are at prisons that do not offer the classes they need to get parole, who are missing key information that would allow them to make parole in their file, who have lies or inaccurate information in  their  files, or those who have their files totally misplaced.
As a result of the overwhelming pleas for assistance from the thousands of inmates who have written and called us, we have created a new system of form processing and delivery. This will save us time and save you hundreds of dollars and we guarantee you  a great service.
We have created a incredible system that allows us to serve more people and give affordable assistance. You simply fill out the form, circle the service you want, then send  the form to your loved one. Instruct them to enclose a money order for the appropriate  amount and send the form along with the money order back  to us.
Please note:  Although out services are  not free, they are 75% less than the price most lawyers charge do do the same type of processing. Plus, we provide evidence of the work carried out. We guarantee our work will be completed and returned to you within 30 days or we will refund your money 100%. If you have family support or the money to pay for your justice, please answer the following questions. You must send this form to Advocacy Parole along   with payment or you can call us to make arrangements to pay for our service. We are selective about the cases we take. We have a 90% success rate on those cases . We apologize if your case is not selected. An example of a case we do not select is if you have a life sentence, but you have only served two years. 
We our hosting our 21 annual Open Parole Board Open House Seminar August 24, 25 2013 in various cities. Please go to our ticket and reservation cite.
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