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The One Truthiness

Live painting. Live performance. and YOU read the story.

Bringing people together without denying our differences, The One Truthiness is a participatory series of performances working from the perspective that we each have our own truth, but are all always in the picture together. Read stories from your community and watch the images unfold, set to live music. Audiences are saying: "This is about starting the most important conversation of our generation." • "Transformative. I didn't know what to expect, but found myself engrossed and ended up feeling both more connected to people I don't usually think about and more alive myself." • "MIND BLOWING. I'm speechless." The One Truthiness brings together creator Charlie Levin (creator, painter, writer), award-winning Black Arts Scholar Ayodele Nzinga, PhD (producer, director), and Lower Bottom Playaz (Oakland's oldest North American African Theater company)

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