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The Nation of יהוה


The Nation of יהוה (YAHWEH) is unique and set apart from all other nations.  We are not a nation because we own the same land; we are a nation because the same spirit inhabits our minds.  That spirit is the Spirit of יהוה .

As a result, the citizens of the Nation of יהוה  are Theocentric.  We realized that the Creator, יהוה , made us to take care of His Creation.  It is by His will alone that we exist and continue to exist.  Therefore, all of our energies are devoted toward fulfilling the purpose for which we were created.

            The Spirit of יהוה  operating in us means that the Nation of יהוה  is the true Theocratic government.  We recognize יהוה  as the absolute, sovereign ruler who rules in the affairs of men.  יהוה  rules through His divine, perfect, and moral laws as found throughout the Bible.


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