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The Motherhood Group

The Motherhood Group takes joy in connecting mothers with one an other; through our sequence of 'meetups' over lunch where mothers network, get involved in hearty discussions and listen to phenomenal guest speakers that grace guests with bouts of wisdom around postpartum depression, lifestyle, goals and everyday aspects surrounding motherhood. The Motherhood Group also has a fast growing chat group where mothers share challenges , offer advice and bond with other members. Get acquainted and join a network of like minded ladies and take part in engaging conversations.


We understand that mothers need support too. The Motherhood Group assists mothers in their daily activities, whether that be offering advice on any challenging aspects of motherhood, relationship counselling, to assisting entrepreneurial mothers launch or develop their business ventures. Most importantly, we support by creating a hub for mothers to open up about the highs and lows of motherhood - our bloggers write supporting pieces that offer encouragement.

The Motherhood Group have provided TV, counselling, business and career opportunities for mothers - we want to help make this journey of Motherhood as beautiful and bold as possible; let us know how we can support in any capacity.


To inspire mothers daily to reach their full potential and to pursue their most wildest dreams is what we are all about. Aspiring to push mothers out of their comfort zone and into a place of achieving results and growth- our influential guest speakers at our 'meetups' and events do exactly this. Stay up to date with our social media platforms with motivational quotes of the day, trendy maternity shoot ideas and the cutest babies.

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