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The Master Workshop

The Master Workshop organizes multiple 1-day, topic-specific workshops about digital technologies, creativity, and innovation for the European-community.


Our goal is to bring bright minds to our stages to share their knowledge; to foster learning, inspiration, and wonder; and to help junior professionals bridge the gap and become seniors in their respective areas of interest.


We want to provide the best training experience possible on a myriad of technologies, innovation, and creativity; financially support the teams behind the open source community; position the Netherlands as a global center for high tech, education, and venture capitalists.


We are launching with 10+ workshops taught by amazing instructors. We will cover a variety of topics within three main categories. The first is Digital Technologies, including Frontend and Backend Development, React and React Native, Vue.js, and Nux.js, SVG, Webpack, ES6/7/8, Node.js, PHP, and more. The second is Creativity, including Graphic Design, User Experience, and User Interface Design, Product Design, Digital Painting and Illustration, Recording and Performing Arts, Music Business, Publishing and Copyright, and more. The third is Innovation, including AR and VR Development, Game Development, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine and Deep Learning, Product and Business Innovation, and more.


Join us and Advance your skills with in-depth Master Workshops.

Learn from the Masters!

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