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The Luft Foundation; Sunshine Place Inc.

The Luft Foundation; Sunshine Place Inc.: Aiding the profoundly deaf and hearing impaired communities through funding, resources, awareness and advocacy.

The Luft Foundation; Sunshine Place Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization dedicated to serving the profoundly deaf and hearing impaired communities by generating unlimited public awareness, advocacy, resources and funding. The fundamental national undertaking of this foundation is to enhance the quality of life for profoundly deaf children and adults. Funding will be focused on the purchase of cochlear implants, hearing aids/ hearing devices, educational devices for use at home and school, the cost of rehabilitation, direct support for the deaf and hearing impaired community; including travel and medical expenses.

In our present day society nurturing a family and succeeding is challenging enough without the added stress of having no insurance, high deductible costs, as well as the extra costs associated with having a child with a disability or being an individual with a disability. With the state of our country at this time, the insurances that we presently possess, questionable. Who's to say what our future insurances will consist of. The motivation of The Luft Foundation; Sunshine Place Inc. is to reach out to individuals and families within the deaf and hearing impaired communities who struggle financially as well as personally and socially due to hearing loss. We personally understand what kind of strain that brings into a family. We wish to extend our assistance by…

1. Meeting with and forwarding resource information to potential clients.

2. Providing financial help with accommodations for out of area visits as well as providing transportation costs to individuals for out of area visits.

3. Covering co-payments, deductibles or costs of equipment or tests not covered by insurance.

4. Generating public awareness throughout the hearing and non-hearing communities by organizing large events to promote this awareness.

5. Forming strong bonds within both communities to ensure that support continues.

The Luft Foundation was formed to raise awareness regarding the deaf and hearing impaired. To provide the deaf and hearing impaired communities with information regarding cochlear implants as well as hearing aids/hearing devices. Resources to utilize this forwarded information. Advocacy for the deaf and hearing impaired. Funding the cost of hearing aids/hearing devices, cochlear implant surgeries to those without insurance, high deductible costs, or the means to attain them. These resources will include but are not limited to speech/language/and audiology services, rehabilitation, as well as transportation and medical expenses. We will even cover the cost of batteries.

Our direct mission is to raise awareness, reshape ancient perceptions regarding the deaf community and promote hearing as the true gift that it is. To purchase hearing devices for education. A child should not be 'left behind' because he/she cannot hear. Our goal is to promote charity for the greater good of humanity through the ‘Feel the Beat’ music festival and artisan fair, ‘Sunshine Run’ marathons, 'Snowflakes for Sound', art auctions, art fairs and tax deductible donations. And many more! Our mission will begin locally and expand as it grows. Our events are/and always will be family friendly!

Please donate, volunteer, encourage awareness, stay connected through our WordPress and Facebook pages, and spread the word. Without you, this mission would remain only a hope.

Every Saturday through August 5th we will be giving away a pair of tickets for the 'Feel The Beat' Music Festival and Artisan Fair! Be sure to LIKE and SHARE our pages!! You could win FREE concert tickets!!


*Photograph by the very talented Tara Jean Coates, 2017.


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