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The King's Men & The Men's Academy

Welcome, and thank you for choosing to learn a little more about TKM and our mission.

Under Christ the King's universal call to serve, we as men pledge to unite and build up other men in the mold of leader, prtoector, and provider through education, formation, healing and action. Please see our webpage for our blog, podcasts, and retreat offerings near you.

We are a Catholic lay-apostolate loyal to the magisterium and the teachings of the Catholic Church and dedicated to assisting our Mother Church in building up men of virtue for our families, communities, and workplaces. We offer a variety of experiential men's retreat weekends, educational seminars, and inspirational talks, blogs, and podcasts to assist men in their journey to discover how their gift of masculinity is meant to be used for the greater glory of God and the expansion of His Church.

Into the Wild is our flagship rustic retreat that combines outdoor skills training and the Sacramental life of the Church in order to help men answer the call to grow as leaders, protectors, and providers. The retreat is great for parish groups, fathers and sons, or individuals, and provides an experience of authentic Catholic brotherhood that keeps men coming back each year. No outdoor skills required. See our Into the Wild webpage for more details and a great video of the weekend.

The Samson Men's Healing Retreat is TKM's healing outreach to men seeking to discover Christ amidst their pains, struggles, and trials in life. Every man has a God-given cross, and our peace and healing rests in Christ's call to each of us to take up our cross and follow him. At Samson, through a supportive brotherhood and the Sacramental Life of the Church, we aim to help men experience their pains, trials, and struggles in light of Christ's passion. For more on Samson and how you can attend, please visit our Samson Retreat webpage.

The heartbeat of our organization is small men's groups that meet on a weekly basis to pray, study the faith, and challenge and support one another through accountability and commitment. As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another, (Pr 27:17). We currently have more than 47 active formation groups in more than 12 diocese.

Finally, The King's Men is further dedicated to engaging the culture through noble battles. We actively promote the culture of life through support of the pro-life cause, defense of marriage, and the preservation of dignity and chastity by combatting pornography. We believe that entering a noble battle is essential to a living a masculine life.

The King's Men is managed by a full-time staff that is dedicated to spreading the call to authentic Catholic Manhood and assist and mentor men starting weekly formation groups in their local areas. 

Indeed it is not good for the man to be alone. If you are a man striving to live the call of Christ, we invite you to join our brotherhood and enter the ranks of The King's Men.

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