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The JSoul Project

Junior JSoul White

A Native of Chicago, Junior White has been performing since the tender age of 9 years old. Junior attended Collins High School, studying Performance Arts, Theatre and Music. He has studied intensely with Elaine Mclaurin and many other choreographers and dancers in the Chicagoland area. He is a former three-year member of the Perfect Tymin Performance Company where Ms. Mclaurin was the lead Director. Taking his experiences and all that he had learned, he created his very own hip-hop dance ensemble. Mr. White’s choreographic and performance efforts were also prevalent in all five Dance Extravaganza’s, 2001-2005. His predominant pieces were “The Symphony & Game Over. In addition, he worked in conjunction with directors at the Dance for Life benefit 2008 at the Harris Theater Chicago as well as several local musical artists. Junior is also a member of the Black Ensemble Theater. He is known for his role as Jason in the original production of The Last Dancer Standing which premiered in 2017. He is currently teaching at Mayfair Dance Academy,  Beidler Elementary, Jones College Prep and a teaching artist for Columbia College CCAP Program. Junior has developed a beautiful and loving relationship with the youth, teens, and adults in which he works. His goal is to inspire as well as help open eyes to different dance styles and cultures. The students learn many different Hip Hop techniques and have incorporated these with a touch of his own personal style to develop a unique and exquisite dance ensemble. Junior not only uses his dance techniques to better himself but to better other’s as well. 

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