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The JEKL Foundation for STEAM Education

The mission of the JEKL Foundation for STEAM Education is to embrace the uninitiated child and change the face of technology forever! This mission is pursued with collaborative equity and inclusion for youth of all abilities. JEKL has national and international partnerships, reaching as far as Guinea, West Africa. JEKL is based in Denver, CO and promotes innovative programming that includes but is not limited to THINK LIKE A GIRL!, CODE LIKE A GIRL/BOSS/KING!, GENIUS WORKSHOPS, FROM BACKPACKS TO BRIEFCAS; ENGINEERS, INNOVATORS & ENTREPRENUERS, TECH THE TEACHER and several professional development workshops. Toi Massey, ME, is the founder & Chief Executive and Visionary who holds Master of Engineering degree in Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering and a BS in Physics. She founded the JEKL Foundation in 2010 while still an senior leadership professional. JEKL launched its first program with Colorado Girl Scouts of America and has since partnered with communities, educational school districts and business partners across the globe.

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