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The Idea School and Institute

 The Idea School is a new co-ed Jewish High School in Bergen County, NJ based on the principles of Project Based Learning (PBL). PBL focuses on developing skills students need to succeed in the world today. Though students are responsible for individual assignments -- or what we call deliverables -- they also must collaborate -- to create products or events, to participate in student-led discussions, and to provide honest feedback in kind, specific, and helpful ways. Students often have to publicly present their work, to each other, to visitors coming to the school, and in public exhibitions of learning, which mark the end of a PBL unit. creates a learning environment that sparks inquiry and exploration and connects students to themselves, to God, to their Judaism, and to the world. Idea School students engage confidently and creatively with people, ideas and texts; contribute to society in ethically and morally responsible ways; meaningfully enrich and grow their Jewish communities; see the image of God in every human being; and discover the interconnectedness of all living things.


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