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The IBC Network Foundation

nflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) is a rare and highly fatal form of breast cancer that is not typically discovered by mammogram and often occurs prior to standard breast cancer screening age recommendations.

Originally this page was created as a place for IBC news articles to be reposted and for events, fundraisers, activities to be promoted to raise awareness and support community efforts in and beyond the IBC community. Quickly after the need for more became clear and a foundation was formed, a 501c3 # is 38-3850833

The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Network Foundation.

The purpose of The IBC Network Foundtion is simple:

To fund research regarding Inflammatory Breast Cancer. 

To provide an avenue to network proactive education to the general population as well as the medical community regarding Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Don't know what IBC is? Don't feel bad, most people are very uneducated about IBC. Our goal is to bring this "orphaned disease" into the limelight and encourage education and funding of research for this highly fatal 200 year old form of breast cancer. Now that you are here, take a few minutes and learn! We need to be educated on this cancer if we are going to save life's. 

There is a quick check list of symptoms of IBC 

Inflammatory breast cancer symptoms may include:

• Breast swelling, which one breast is suddenly larger than the other 
• Breast that feels warm to touch and may look infected
• Itching or shooting pain
• A dimpling of the breast skin that looks like an orange peel (peau d’orange)
• Thickening of the skin
• Flattened or discolored nipple
• Swelling in underarm or only on one side of neck
• Might feel lump, however lumps are not common in IBC.

Our mailing address is:

The IBC Network Foundation
PO Box 908
Friendswood, TX 77546-0908

Have an IBC dx? We have a groups, medical support and resources. Please check our website,

have a question? message us!
Terry Lynn Arnold, founder, The IBC Network-Inflammatory Breast Cancer Network
dx Triple Negative Inflammatory Breast Cancer, summer 2007

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