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Zoe is an artist, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Certified Herbalist, Reflexologist, Thai Massage and Reiki Practitioner. Having visited India over the past 9 years on spiritual pilgrimages, she found her niche, through inner guidance, and decided to work with her hands as a professional bodyworker.

Besides massage, she's intrigued with the powers of aromatherapy, nutrition color healing, light energy healing, crystals reiki and chakra balancing.

Her goal is to help as many people possible find balance in their lives. Get relief from pain and stress and find peace of mind.

You can register for workshops and classes on-line and set-up a face to face       
session on SKYPE

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. Spiritual Counseling

. Private Meditation Workshops

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A La Carte Massage by Toe2Heal and The Hidden Art Gallery work simultaneously. The gallery carries original oil paintings and watercolor artworks by local artists.

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