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The Happiness Ninja (Jamie Rose)

Jamie Rose aka The Happiness Ninja is a down-to-earth Emotional Health Coach and Professional Facilitator with qualifications in Positive Psychology and adult education.  She utilises a combination of practical knowledge and experience, along with formal education, to inform people about emotional wellbeing in FUN and INTERACTIVE ways.


Jamie is passionate about teaching others the most cutting edge information on Positive Psychology (The Scientific Study of Flourishing and Happiness), Mindfulness and Neuroscience, in an EASY TO UNDERSTAND and ENJOYABLE manner.  She enjoys showing people how to effectively manage their emotions, reduce and manage stress successfully, sleep better, relax more and improve their relationships.  Jamie shows people how to re-train their brains to achieve their goals and desires and how to work with the mind, body and emotions in harmony, to live a happy, content and fulfilled life.


The reason that Jamie is so enthusiastic and passionate about this area is because she suffered from clinical depression, generalised anxiety, social anxiety and suicidal ideology for many years from the tender age of 12 until her late 20’s.  Jamie has spent years studying and accumulating the information and techniques that she now shares with others and effectively re-trained her own brain and turned her life around a complete 180°.   Jamie has overcome addiction, insomnia, an eating disorder, anger and rage issues, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and more.  Jamie’s life mission is to show as many people as possible that they too can grow and develop themselves and overcome their struggles, no matter how big (or small) they are.

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