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The Good Peoples Group

About The Good Peoples Group (TGPG) and our Center on Interracial Relationships (CIR) differ from other “diversity and inclusion” consultants because of our emphasis on the importance of mental health and our work to expand the definition of an interracial relationship as a way to address societal inequity. We believe that to change the world, we must all learn how to create equitable relationships with others, but most importantly ourselves. In order to do this, it is not about accountability, rather an admission followed by practice.

At The Good Peoples Group, we work towards cultural humility and representation rather than simply “diversity and inclusion.” In order for a workplace to flourish, it must not only work towards diversity but continually reevaluate identity representation in decision-making roles, explicit and implicit norms of the work culture, and emotional and physical safety for all employees. Without intentionally safe spaces, structures and supports, diversity and inclusion is merely lip service and can create further conflicts and traumatizing work environments.


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