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The Gardner Method

We all know the world of wine is complex, and there's no easy way to become proficient. If you want to master wine, you typically have to take the scholarly approach.

Plus with no clear convention for wine labels to communicate type, varietal and region; wine selection can be shrouded in mystery.

To help people better appreciate wine, we have developed a new way to understand wine. The Gardner Method allows you to learn by experience, in our unique structured tasting event.

There are 16 Primary Wines that cover all occasions and pairings. If you applied this method to all 16 wine types, attending one event for each, and you identified your favorites each time; then you'd have a full book of specific wines that you know you absolutely love and that cover all scenarios.

Imagine knowing how to navigate any restaurant wine list, liquor store, food pairing or gifting situation. You will no longer have to tolerate mediocre wine. You'll only select wine you absolutely love.

That's an awesome wine life.

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