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The Frat House Chronicles

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A group of Friends often get together for game nights, discussing weirdness of their relationships and try to minimize the chaos & confusion as they navigate their way through life. Constantly bumping heads this makes group of girls & guys struggle with control issues, managing gender roles and confronting past behaviors. Nearly destroying some relationships this group thrives in dysfunction while hilariously refusing to allow outsiders in or insiders to get out these friends usually find themselves in compromising situations and scenarios, where they always have to come back together and rely on one or another for the bailout.








Although we thrive in dysfunction we always manage to come back together when it matters most.

There's such a diversity of people in this small circle of friends, they all have a few alter-egos and that's probably why they mesh so well with each other. Every time they call it quits they find themselves once again needing each other. And this podcast live event will be no different all 10 Frat House Members will be in the building plus the extended members along with there 50 different personalities. If there s one thing we all have in common and do really well is TURN UP and keep it lit! Seeing us all in our natural environment how we normally are with each other being loud, obnoxious and our usual crazy selves is comedy in itself.

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