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The Flirtshop by Yvette Keyes

 Okay, so it's not about "flirting" per say. If I'm completely honest most days I'm lucky if I get out of my pj's and comb my hair. 


It's about YOU LOVING YOU. It's about you being comfortable in all that is you. Being comfortable in the skin you're in and loving your body where it is right now, not 20 pounds from now. Appreciating everything your body is capable of . Focusing on the parts of you that are PERFECT. (Don't you dare roll your eyes and think I'm not talking about you) I promise it's there if you accept it. 

I created The Flirtshop out of my dream for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and beliefs to have a way to reconnect with or discover themselves through the power of enjoyment that is felt through sensual dance movement. Our goal is to give you a great activity that is fun, flirty and helps build your confidence all at the same time. 


Sound like something you need in your life? 


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