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The Film Factory

The Film Factory


The Film Factory, formed in 2013, is a production company working under the SAG New Media contract and is also a sub division of Biblical Films that focuses on programming for kids. We present encouraging stories to help people gain positive perspectives on their struggles. Our goal is to provide an uplifting and empowering message to others. Our productions utilize a variety of different mediums including theater, web series, television, and even film. Our company values teaching, educating, and learning with no economical cost, only industry training.


Our process is simple, we mount our films using (a theatrical process) a play. With an 8 to 10 week process, our participants are learning the stage, staging, their lines, and characterizations.  The theatrical process also helps with the funding for the film aspects of our program, as we do not charge a parent or child any entrance fees to join our program. This is why it is essential for everyone and anyone to contribute support to our program.


Now, with the film part of production, all of our Film Factory projects will be registered under the Sag New Media Jurisdiction. Through Sag New Media, your child will be eligible to join the union.


There are many ways you can show your support. You can show your support by purchasing a ticket to one of our shows, making a donation, or by purchasing an ad on our programs.


We are all very excited and looking forward to seeing the kids perform. Expect a great showing from each performance. Our kids and staff are working every day to make these shows the greatest just for you!

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