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The Ethics Project

The Ethics Project is a non-profit organization founded by Christi Griffin, a retired attorney, to raise the level of ethics within the legal system. Dr. Griffin began her law practice as a ministry in 1973 and continually focused on raising the level of integrity of her own practice, staff, and clients through a concerted effort to function within the reality of truth and honesty. 

Dr. Griffin's philosophy of legal and moral ethics in the practice of law was proven invaluable when challenged by  the dishonesty of a client and shaken by a system fraught with unethical practices, biases, and outright corruption. Despite three years of focused effort to hide the misconduct of one of St. Louis' largest and most powerful law firms by targeting Griffin, The Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel failed in its efforts to find a single instance of misconduct or even a single inconsistency in hundreds of facts and laws reviewed. Griffin's stalwart commitment to honest and ethical conduct forced the Chief Disciplinary Counsel (and in several instances, members of the Hearing Panel) to engage in numerous tactics including concealment of documents favorable to Griffin and lying before the Missouri Supreme Court.

Indeed, the Missouri Supreme Court itself further damaged the integrity of the court by failing to hear the matter de novo (a new trial) as required by law. They failed to give weight to the evidence presented, ignoring the misconduct of opposing counsel and by posting summaries of the case on the Internet that were laden with false information and mischaracterizations. Through the efforts of The Ethics Project, Griffin hopes to rectify the damage done by the dishonesty and lack of integrity displayed by the Chief Disciplinary Counsel attorneys, and jurists themselves.  As in that case, dishonesty permeates not only the system but those directly and indirectly affected thereby. 


Christi Griffin is a retired attorney and the founder and president of 

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