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eDJ Group and ReviewLess are taking Predictive Coding education to the next level with the Thought Leadership Series.  These events continue the momentum of the B:oot Camps conducted this past spring.  The results speak for themselves.  On a scale of 1-5, the average rating for the Boot Camp is 4.85.  One attendee, who was impressed with the “focus on teaching,” wrote an in-depth review of the Boot Camp at


The Thought Leadership Series combines several unique elements:

  • Involvement of the Judiciary.  Attendees get to hear nationally known Judges like the Honorable Paul Grimm from Maryland and The Honorable John Facciola from the District of Columbia.  The Thought Leadership Series also features a live appearance from a local Judge from that city to offer a local perspective.  Attendees can interact with the Judges and ask questions about Predictive Coding and how the Judges would feel about certain procedures and practices.  This level of interaction with the Judiciary cannot be duplicated at any other event.
  • Pragmatic education on the fundamentals of Predictive Coding. Most lawyers went to law school in order to avoid math. The Thought Leadership Series offers two modules that get attendees comfortable with the math behind Predictive Coding in a way that is non-intimidating and puts the math into the correct context.
  • Demystification of Predictive Coding Technology. The technology behind Predictive Coding can seem overwhelming and confusing. This Boot Camp examines what the Predictive Coding process is trying to accomplish and then explains how the technology supports that goal. This is then tied back to the math needed to validate Predictive Coding.

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