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The Dopeness Project

A movement dedicated to the “Support Our Own” mission. Our belief is that, by educating the very individuals affected by political, economic, and financial hardships, we can positively aid in the cultural revitalization of the city of Buffalo. Through various workshops and events we look to inform the people. Give them the information necessary to maintain sustainable living conditions, assist in providing financial literacy, and shedding light on otherwise overlooked social issues affecting our communities.

We also hope to re-ignite the love for culture and art by providing the artists platforms to perfect and showcase their talents. Giving these talented individuals an outlet for exposure and the residents of the community a resource to see, hear, and feel the arts. Our hope is to inspire those whom we touch to support our own local businesses and artists, thereby reinvesting into the communities in which they live. We hope to give the people considering relocation outside of the city limits a reason to pause and possibly reconsider. We truly believe in the Queen City and in its ability to shine once again and are dedicated to being a part of its resurgence. We hope to remind people of why they too, love this city and that they can….be the change, be the light, and be dope.

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