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The ChopShop Showcase is a integrated showcase that gives performers a platform to perform in front of valuable important people.

ChopShop Showcase is were performers entertain a crowd from all walks of life. Our crowd usually has: record label executives, models, fans of the brand, investors, managers and sponsors.

ChopShop TV is a reality show. We usually pick our favorite acts from the showcase and get to know them. We feel like the world will value getting to know these performers too so we stick cameras in their faces. All the episodes of the show get uploaded to World Star Hip Hop's website. Please check out our preview of Episode One here:

ChopShop DVD is where we put all of the episodes from ChopShop TV plus bonus footage. The DVD shows exclusive interviews from up and coming musical artist, new performers for coming next season of the reality show.

Also there is an reality show addition we have been filming since April we are looking for one more artist to feature on it.

The winner of this showcase will receive placement on our reality show.

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