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The Chatman Women's Foundation


The Chatman Women’s Foundation, led by Shantera Chatman, is an organization of community leaders who come together for the purpose of professional and personal development of women and our society as a whole.  The premise of the TCWF stems from the idea that the synergy of society is a direct result of the overall health and wealth of the woman.  TCWF seeks to foster a networking environment fit for personal and professional growth.  Women everywhere are building strong businesses, going back to school and raising their families with little to no help.  We are here to help.  We encourage, empower and stand with women that want more.  More for themselves and more for their families.  Every year the TCWF mentors and teaches professionals and non-professionals alike through enrichment seminars and events.   


TCWF helps women in three different ways: 

  • TCWF Awards 

    • Provides financial support to women in need.  Women looking to build a business, further their education, or even get out of a shelter. 

  • Annual Women’s Empowerment Conference 

    • The Annual Women's Empowerment Conference (AWEC) is an event geared toward the betterment of women, both professionally and personally. AWEC is a different type of experience that helps women network better, live better, and feel better. 

  • PowHer Play 

    • PowHer Play is a bold opportunity for women of all professions to interact and share the common goal of empowerment. It focuses on the professional woman. It is limited to a selected group of women in business. Business relevant topics are discussed by the professionals as they network and share experiences. 

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