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The Britney Valentine Experiment

The Britney Valentine Experiment


Kody Christiansen




Alison Klemp


Amanda Lee


Brette Morning Star


Brianna Leigh Smail


Danielle Alleyne


Julio Dominguez Ramirez


Katarzyna Walczak


Phillip Johnson


Rob Romero


Ruben Navarro


Sophie Mitchell


Tim MacCallum 


...and other special guests



It's Britney Valentine, Bitch! She's back and starring in a brand new off Broadway spectacular unlike anything you've seen before. Britney and her crew turn the theater into a night club with a unique show that features Comedians, Broadway Singers, Drag Queens, Hunky Shirtless Men, Gorgeous Women, SNL Type Sketches, an Audience Member Participating Game Show and a fantastic musical closing number! Britney opens the show with a brand new live music video performance and don't be surprised if you see some familiar characters making cameos through out the show! The Britney Valentine Experiment is an explosion of entertainment!

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