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The Biletnikoff Foundation

The mission of the Biletnikoff Foundation is to commemorate Tracey Biletnikoff’s life and her untimely death and to enable young people to realize their full potential through the support of community and education programs that effectively address the related problems of substance abuse and domestic violence.

In 2000, the Foundation launched Tracey’s Place of Hope, a residential program for adolescent girls in crisis with mental health and substance abuse problems. The center helps turn tragedy into daily miracles by preparing young people to manage their recovery, their mental and emotional health issues, as well as teaching teens the necessary skills to live independently. Most of our teens come to Tracey’s Place of Hope with little or no vision for their future, but flourish when given the opportunity.

Through its partnership with Koinoia Homes for Teens, the Biletnikoff Foundation has been able to expand the program and help even more teens turn their lives around from drug addiction, trafficking and violence.

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