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The Bag Lady Experience

As we travel through life’s journey, we as women, tend to pick up baggage along the way, disguised as life experiences. It becomes baggage when we drag these unresolved issues around with us everywhere we go. Sometimes, we even pick up someone else’s baggage along the way. By continuing to carry around all of this baggage, we find ourselves tired, beaten down by life, stressed out, and feeling like we have no one to turn to and no place to go. The Bag Lady Experience, LLC is a women’s empowerment organization that encourages women to release their bags, reclaim their lives and renew their spirits.

The mission of The Bag Lady Experience, LLC is to provide women with a life changing experience through the fine arts, support services, and wellness programs that will enable them to live life FREE!

Forgiven... Renewed... Encouraged... Empowered...

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