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The Art of Flavor

Where chefs are artists, your plate their palette, your meal their masterpiece.

“Chefs are American culture’s new rock stars”
– The New York Times

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The Art of Flavor turns restaurant dining into a ticketed culinary experience. Art of Flavor gives chefs the opportunity to artistically express themselves to culinary thrill seekers and food adventurers. Chefs are creatively challenged to design their own unprecedented dining experience into a special one-of-a-kind event. Culinary artwork becomes not only about stunning plate presentations, but also about innovative flavor profiles and progressive cooking techniques. The Art of Flavor creates an intimate opportunity to get to know chefs as they lead a culinary journey, course by course, narrating and educating guests on their origins, inspirations, philosophies, ingredients and techniques.

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“Now food is a show”

– Culinary Institute of America

The Art of Flavor also features sommeliers, cicerones, mixologists, vintners, brewmasters and distillers, showcasing their artistry in pairing fine wines, craft beers, craft cocktails and artisanal spirits that tantalize the palette while accentuating the flavor of a chef’s dish. The Art of Flavor provides a new platform for wine, beer and spirits experts to narrate their art and craft as well as educate drink enthusiasts on what makes their creations and pairings so compelling and conversation-provoking.

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