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The Academy for Excellence in Athletics & Academics




The Academy for Excellence in Athletics & Academics (herein referred to as the “Academy”) is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to enable children who are from low-income families and disadvantaged backgrounds to become successful, self-sufficient, and industrious students and adults. The Academy’s vision is an America where all children, regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, gender or their religion can realize their full potential by means of their God-given abilities and personal efforts. The Academy offers a nurturing and safe environment where children can develop physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

2016-2017 Activities

The Academy provides financial assistance, academic support services, and youth sports programs that enable marginalized and underserved students to graduate from high school and attend college. 

Academy academic support programs provide individualized tutoring, counseling, and mentoring services. The Academy conducts student success workshops and conferences. The Academy’s sports component sponsors youth teams that help participants become successful athletes and students.  

Financial Assistance 

Academy financial aid is available to eligible students in the form of academic scholarships, grants, and discounts.  In April 2017, the Academy hosted a dinner gala that benefited students attending San Diego State University.

Academic Support Services 

The Academy conducts numerous activities that benefit low-income youth and their families.  Student support services and programs include group and individualized assistance. Student success seminars and workshops provide guidance and support for students to help them overcome financial, social and institutional barriers to success.

The Academy's Young Scholars Institute strengthens participants’ skills in mathematics, technology and sciences. The Academy is in the process of setting up class session for Academy Warriors 3rd graders and 4th graders who would benefit from supplemental instruction in common core mathematics. In the future, the Academy will also offer computer programming (coding) classes.

Student Success Conference

Presently, the Academy is convening its 2018 Leadership Alliance Diversity Conference. The event will take place April 28-20, 2018, in San Diego. The conference will address issues related to initiatives and programs that promote and advance the scholarship and success of diverse student populations. The conference will explore issues and solutions related to educating and preparing targeted student populations to cope with challenges of the 21st century.  Conference themes/topics will address how various factors shape students’ readiness, mindset and behavior; and ultimately, their personal, academic, professional and social successes.

Youth Sports

The Academy sponsors community-based youth sports teams that make it possible for students from low-income to participate in organized sports activities. Participants must maintain acceptable academic progress and practice good citizenship. The Academy's youth sports program instills essential personal values such as integrity, sportsmanship, teamwork and character.   

Academy Warriors’ 5-7 year-olds and 8-9 year-olds basketball teams participated in the Copley-Price YMCA Youth Basketball League for the past six youth basketball seasons (summer ’16, fall ’16, winter ’17, spring ’17, summer ’17 and winter ‘17). In November 2017, the Academy held a Youth Basketball Hoopla at Martin Luther King, Jr. Park. The event was free for residents of Southeast San Diego. The Hoopla included a basketball and conditioning camp and basketball skills contests.

The Academy is currently engaged in a fundraising campaign on behalf of 5 to12-year-old boys and girls who participate in Academy Warriors 2017-2018 youth basketball programs, including children who attend predominately minority elementary schools and take part in the Academy’s after-school basketball activities.


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