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THATstudio/DOK Shotz/Doug Kean

Kean has been a photographer at heart all his life. He has done business in that area for more than 20 years. Only now, after leaving his main and lifelong career in education, has he dedicated himself to his photo work full time.

With a background in shooting images of all types, in many countries of the world, his present focus is on people and expression. More specifically, he works primarily with artistic and glamour images. His well-developed, often-used training in and usage of communication skills, serves him well as a photographer. It’s his keen ability to connect with his subjects and to form a relaxed and creative rapport that sets him apart from most others in the field.

He is always looking for new models to use in his artwork, and experience as a model is nearly irrelevant. Expression and co-creation, however, are essential.

Never content for long with his results, he aims to make each new image somehow better than the last. His artwork has been showcased in galleries, homes and businesses far and wide. With a published book in the near future and a web presence that he hopes will challenge and change societal judgment of human sexuality and attractiveness, he intends to leave his mark in his corner of the world.

And besides all of that, he laughs hardest when he laughs at himself. Often.

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