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Texas Association of Schools of Art


One Square Foot Show, TASA Conference Austin, 2010

The Texas Association of Schools of Art (TASA), established in 1968, is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. TASA's membership consists of Texas College and University Visual Art departments and their faculty.

TASA’s mission is to promote the exchange of ideas, encourage creative and scholarly activity in the visual arts, support the professional work of Texas faculty in the visual arts, and advance the pursuit of advocacy of the visual arts in Texas institutions of higher education.

TASA is THE group that truly represents higher art educators in the state of Texas. It provides a premier opportunity for building a solid network that can benefit members personally and professionally, an effective collaborative alignment between two and four-year schools, plus a historical collaboration (over forty years) with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Membership also allows access to TASA’s comprehensive web site

TASA Institutional Memberships and Individual Memberships help TASA lead the way in supporting visual arts education in Texas by providing essential leadership that makes recommendations to the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board about policies directly affecting all Texas Colleges and Universities with Visual Arts Departments and Schools. We have made a difference many times in the past and continue to work to do so for the future.

TASA Annual Conferences, usually organized around timely themes, addresses current events and issues pertinent both to the 1) teaching of art at the higher education level also and to 2) issues for the practicing artist. Event elements can include a well-known keynote speaker, Conference Exhibitions for TASA individual faculty members and also for TASA student members, paper presentations by studio, art education and/or art history faculty, demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and award venues. And of course, priceless networking takes places between TASA members, faculty and students alike.

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