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The mission of Teshuvah Ministries is to simplify what the call is. To make the path as level as possible for the Scattered House of Israel to walk out of the nations and return to YHVH. We are happy to assist the Ruach ha'Kodesh as she moves Israel out of all man-made religion (including Christianity and the Messianic religion) into true Biblical repentance and into the everlasting Melchizedek priesthood.

We teach people how to operate in this royal priesthood first by example, then through our online presence and the videos, books and articles we create. We divide between the first and second Melchizedek Contracts and teach the Creator's Calendar, but our biggest passion and assignment is to invite people to live out repentance through ditching the pagan holidays and turn to celebrating the Holy Days.

Therefore, our area of expertise is in living in the rhythm of YHVH's Feast days and hosting National Melchizedek Feast Events. We celebrate Yah's Feasts from a place of delight free from rabbinic-leaven and infused with a belief in our Melchizedek High Priest, the Jewish Messiah, Yahshua. We seek to empower Israel to do obedience instead of talking about obedience. A Melchizedek-mindset and a focus on excellence is what sets our ministry apart from many other ministries.

Overall, our events give people a chance to experience a rabbinic-free Hebrew approach to life infused with a belief in our Melchizedek High Priest, the Jewish Messiah, Yahshua. Christians are challenged to look at what they believe and what they do while at the same time feeling wanted and comfortable at our Feast tables and in our meetings.

We were once Christians and know the journey out well. We don’t put on aires or operate with a holier-than-though attitude. We do not attack people nor do we data dump (vomit information) onto people. We hold a deep belief that the purpose of da’at (information) is to move one’s heart into ye’da (intimacy with Elohim) and that we must love first as Yahshua required of his priests. This Melchizedek mindset is what sets our ministry apart from many others in this Hebraic movement.


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