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Terrence Evans, Founder of Terreva Investments & MBON

I was born and raised in the Atlanta area. At some point in the late 80s, I thought I liked science and math enough to become an engineer. So, I went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and got a bachelor's in Electrical Engineering. After tiring of Boston winters, I moved out west to L.A. for my first engineering job at an aerospace company. Several decades, companies, and kids later, I figured out that my math and analytical skills transferred well into the note space, thanks to the Note Assistance Program.  This led to the creation of Terreva Investments.


The Monthly Brunches of Notes (MBON) is a South Bay-centered brunch & learn hosted by me and geared for individuals interested in investing passively & safely in real estate through mortgage notes and achieve > 10% returns. We will talk about how to do so using a self-directed IRA (Traditional or Roth). And we will do so while eating at a local establishment on a Saturday morning.


When I am not busy being an engineer, kids' personal Uber driver, or note investor, I spend a lot of time getting my heart broken by Atlanta or Georgia sports teams, particularly the Falcons and Dawgs.

Sorry, there are no upcoming events