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Terra Firma Builders

At Terra Firma we train people to build beautiful, legacy rammed earth buildings out of local materials. Our clients are people who care about nature, sustainability and the health of their family. They are people who don’t just dream about creating a better world, they actually build it with their own hands.


If the only thing that matters to you is building as big a house as possible for the lowest price, then insulated rammed earth is not for you. Rammed Earth is not a ‘bigger is better’ proposition and this mind set is destroying our planet. 


If any of the following really matter to you, then we can help you build the kind of home that you can be proud of.

  • I want my home to still be standing in 100 years
  • I want to build a house that is non-toxic 
  • I want to build with local materials
  • I want a home that is healthy to live in
  • I want a home that is energy efficient
  • I want a home that is beautiful, distinct and stands out from the crowd
  • I want a home with curves walls and organic shapes
  • I want a home that reflects my love of nature and the environment

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