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Telekinetic Walrus

Miami’s Telekinetic Walrus brings more to the stage than a mind-altering, bass-heavy, bone-shaking live performance. With its songs and show, the band opens the door to another universe where a music-recording Primordial Walrus with glistening tusks defends the Grand Creator from evil.


Telekinetic Walrus creates community wherever it goes. In fantastical costumes with psychedelic visuals, the band’s funky fusion songs melt over the audience, while the lyrics uplift and vibes unify.


All the ugliness of the real world is distilled through Telekinetic Walrus’ kaleidoscopic vision. It offers a baptism of beats, purifying the surrounding energy. It’s hard not to connect to the band’s empowering message or walk away without feeling rejuvenated and drenched in sweat.


Each member has an alter ego. Atlanta natives, vocalist Jake Fletcher, aka Jahso the Time-Zoo Keeper, and producer Wyatt Meagher, aka Y Diz, have been making music together since they were teenagers. Fletcher fell in love with South Florida while attending guitar camp there and later graduated from University of Miami. Synth freak Meagher also felt a strong draw to those swamplands and followed his friend south. In that tropical paradise, the seed of Telekinetic Walrus was planted.


Miami-bred vocalist and visual artist Corinne Stevie started rapping at 12-years-old and attended the Savannah College of Art and Design. She has contributed to every album since 2010 and started performing with the band full-time in 2013, when they ramped up their touring. Soon after, saxophonist, William Ralph Vivas, aka Cito the Alchemist, rounded out the outfit and completed its fresh sonics.  


Telekinetic Walrus is all about bringing people together. The group honored local talent and fertilized the city’s soil to nurture the roots of its own sound by throwing community events in the Wynwood Arts District.


The band members’ bond was solidified by touring in an ancient Honda Odyssey. A successful Kickstarter then funded a new van that let Telekinetic Walrus flourish in even more areas of the country. The hard-working foursome found new supporters at festivals, both at home and on the road, like Ultra Music Festival, Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, and AURA Music and Arts Festival. It made a massive buzz and left a trail of burning subwoofers in its path.


In nine years, Telekinetic Walrus has put out nine releases and collaborated with many other underground beat-making talents like Monkeytown Records’ Otto Von Schirach, as well as Afrobeta and the Galactic Effect. In addition, Stevie gives the band a recognizable visual language as its art director. Fletcher envisions the theatrical stage shows and creates the lore behind the band's storytelling. Through Meagher's screen printing company, all members handmake the band’s T-shirts.


The texture of the band’s music comes from each of the members’ diverse backgrounds. Fletcher is a classically trained vocalist and MC. Meagher is a synth mastermind and one of only 90 Ableton Live Certified Trainers in the country. Stevie brings her Haitian background to the sound and uses her artistry to paint colorful verbal pictures in her lyrics. Vivas brings a jazz influence and a uniquely masterful touch to the instrumentation.


Telekinetic Walrus is working on a new album and continues to spread its positive and otherworldly sound on tour.


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