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Tekla C. Ayers, Luz de la Luna, LLC

My name is Tekla, and I am someone who practices energy healing. I am an Intuitive Reiki-Informed Teacher, who has spent 12 years studying the healing arts, and the last few years learning about my privilege and studying to become an ally. My journey has taken me through the awareness and healing of codependency and addiction, and I work today to continue being grounded in my truth, to learn more about my own heritage, and to educate myself on how to live into the title “anti-racist”. I support people through community, daily practices, setting energetic boundaries, and releasing energy with an Intuitive Reiki method.

My own healing work over the past 12 years has brought me now to a place where I am incorporating and highlighting practices from East Asian medicine, Reiki, and intuitive training, into an on-going program of community and support for those ready (or even not-so-ready but are ready to take the leap) to transform, connect with their own intuition, and continue to heal.